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I rhyme tight, I got the demon on my shoulder in my line of sight,
I know that I am the divine type, trying to do the right thing,
I wanna live like a king, but the demon might bring you down to his level,

“Come on Emphatic, let's get two steps closer to the devil,”

I told him to settle down, that's not the way I'm gettin' down,
I know how your temptations get around, through drugs rape and murder,
I have faced evil before and I'm not afraid to take it a step further,

“Are you really sure that you wanna go there?
I will leave you feeling lost like you're out in the middle of nowhere,”

I looked at him with a cold stare and said oh yeah,
You cannot fuck with me 'cause I'm on the right path,
Therefore I'm not intimidated by your wrath,
I've defeated some of my own demons so do the math,
As me and this demon proceed to start to clash,
We are now going toe to toe, blow for blow,
He hit me with a stiff jab, I can feel my right eye start to close,
So now I know fo sho, that he poses a threat,

I walk over to my corner, my corner man is the angel on my shoulder,
He said,

“Emphatic, this battle's far from over, but I know ya got what it takes,
To deal with the breaks so you gotta elevate,
Your soul's at stake, you cannot control fate,
My words of wisdom can help motivate.
So got to that place in your mind that you need to find,
Those pure thoughts that are divine so just keep that in mind,”

My gameplan is for me to get in the groove,
I gotta stay mobile, I gotta stick and move,
This demon that I face has nothing to lose,
As I continue to move and use my footwork,
When you deal with demons you gotta stay alert,
Evil always distracts you that's the way it works,
You know that the truth hurts,
It's a constant battle between good and evil,
The comparison between the good and bad people,
It is obvious to me that we are not created equal,
We all have a choice, and choices define us,
If we make bad choices karma will remind us, and eventually find us because it's timeless,
I'm just tryin' to live righteous,
So in God I trust,
I must figure this out,
I found an opening and hit the demon square in his mouth,
My corner man yells, “now that's what I'm talkin' about!”

“Now you've got the knowledge it has been passed down,
You got to keep your head in the game 'cause this is the last round,
You got to think on your feet and act now,
Either a T.K.O. or submit him until he's passed out,
Because that's how you're going to win decisively,
Beat him down until he won't be able to fight for weeks,
Because this just might be, his very last fight,
Slap box him into reality until he acts right,”

I got this demon right where I want him,
I going to get in his head, right now I'm going to taunt him, and call him out,
He looked at me and said,

“Emphatic I know you got doubts,
You took your best shot and you still couldn't know me out,
So how about that?”

I made the demon shut his trap,
I react and made contact with hand to hand contact,
I'm way beyond that, next level,
Once again I chin checked the devil,
As soon as the dust settles I'll be the last one standin',
So now I'm demandin' his respect,
As soon as one of my heavy hands would connect with his jaw,
And that's the last thing the demon saw,
Nobody's perfect, even demons got flaws,
As I pause, and start thinkin' about how I took out this demon with a technical knockout,
Amongst the demons and angels best believe I got clout,
The battles aren't over,
I know I still got bouts.


from Eclectic Counterparts EP, released June 6, 2015
produced by DJ Coolie, lyrics by Emphatic




Prelusive New Mexico

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Prelusive Music. A purveyor of beats and instrumentals, Prelusive (aka DJ Coolie) makes aural palettes for lyricists and listeners.

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