Remain (2nd chances)

from by Eclectic Counterparts

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I woke up with this feeling I never felt this way,
In my heart I knew that my life was slipping away,
I am so grateful that I'm livin' today,
I got no time to waste, 'cause time's tickin' away,
It wasn't doomsday, 'cause I got too much to say,
I'm in the game like EA sports gave me room to play,
So I can light up my days and shine bright like sunrays,
So I can avoid the evil people's devilish ways,
It never ceases to amaze if ya, confusing days, you're gonna lose your way and be caught up in the maze,
But this man uses methods like Johnny Blaze, in any case,
I won't change face or change pace,
I do it for the love not for the paper chase,
Mrs. Hip Hop it is you that I embrace,
I am the Emphatic one who can never be replaced,
As long as I got a microphone and beats I'll be straight,

I stay in a positive mind frame, as long as I'm doin' my thing, no puppet master pulling my strings,
Through the music one can forever Remain,

I was given a second chance, a second chance to advance, after doin' a dance with the devil,
From an addiction that I knew I had to let go, or else I could be dead though, off the next dose,
Fuckin' with crack smoke it's no joke, I collapsed in from of my own folks, takin' too many tokes,
Excessive amounts of dope and I quote,
I never felt this fear before, that I might not be here no more,
Not what knowin' what life had in store for me so Lord please I'm askin',
Give me the strength to fight through the heart spasms, my family took action,
Rushed to the hospital straight crashin'

I'm still in a positive mind frame and I'm still doin' my thing,
No puppet master pulling my strings,
Through the music one can forever Remain,
There's a reason, that I'm still breathin', able to maintain without goin' off the deep end,

I've hit rock bottom, the only way is up, I'm gonna use my wordplay so I can stay in the cut,
This music is my balance, I can't say it enough,
When I'm overwhelmed by stress and it's just too much,
Getting hot headed and losing my and blew up,
Yeah I've been through tough times, DJ Coolie can relate that's why combine,
I relax my mind, cool calm collect as I unwind,
I've seen the light and everybody loves the sunshine,
So for once I'm seeing things clearly now, I'm makin' sure that you hear me now,
Emphatic that's the name,
A rap addict that'll Remain.


from Eclectic Counterparts EP, released June 6, 2015
produced by DJ Coolie, lyrics by Emphatic




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